Transition and Peaking

Having got my first goal race, and a few other events, out of the way I have now entered what all the sources I have cribbed my rudimentry knowledge of training from call Transition.

This phase of the training cycle is designed to give you an opportunity to recover mentally and physically from the exertions of preparing for and competing in the races you want to do best in… thus, it comes after the peak phase.

Those of you who read my last Rest Day Ruminations will know that not riding when I’m not feeling tired doesn’t come easily to me. Fortunately I am, at present, knackered.

I’m supposed to do 2 weeks of this, but I’m sure guilt will drive me back to proper training after 1. The upsides are that I’m not counting calories, not weighing myself and generally enjoying not thinking about racing. There is another benefit of the transition phase (and Joe Friel won’t tell you this, kids!)… I can use the downtime to build up enough brownie points with my girlfriend that I may survive the upcoming Sportif training weeks, and their greater demands on my time.

Thanks for all the good feedback on my race write up. Sadly due to the lack of riding, the updates my be a bit lacking in inspiration this week but I’ll do my best to keep putting content up each day. I’ll be updating the “about” section too.


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