The Normal Person’s Cycling Blog

… What do I mean by that then? Well, I’m permanantly baffled by those cycling magazine articles that tell you “Do X to be 14% quicker”, “Eat Y and get fit!”

Likewise, I think the majority of people who enjoy cycling as a spectator and participation sport are left pretty cold by talk of Functional Power Threshold and insanely detailed workout plans.

However, I can see the benefit. And I have, over the last 10 years, gained some rudimentry knowledge of what works for me. So this is, in part, a training blog… I’m not telling you what to do, I’m hoping somebody might glean a little something from it, or give something to me I hadn’t thought of.

It is, in part, a comment on the Pro and Amateur race scenes. I race at Cat. 3, i watch at Pro Tour level! I’ll put race reports in.

But mainly, I want to know what other people want to read… So leave comments, get engaged and we’ll try and build a happy little family!



  1. Welcome back – looking forward to a few little nuggets of truth to tease a couple of extra watts out……… A

    • I wasn’t aware I’d ever come up with a nugget of truth!

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