Two Lakes Loop And Many Near Misses

Late today, but that was due to a visit to Trotters World of Animals. Seriously folks, if you can get that close to a Gibbon anywhere else in a national park, call the rangers.

A Gibbon, yesterday

A Gibbon, yesterday

Anyway, finishing off transition and priming myself for the training plan I outlined yesterday this weekend. So planned two hours at an easy pace over Whinlatter, round te back of Derwent, back up Borrowdale, round the back of Bassenthwaite and back home. Like so…

It seems winter has made a comeback to the lakes this weekend, Snow was visible on the top of Grisedale Pike and there was some sleety stuff blowing around on the top of Whinlatter, which I crested (from home) in 30 minutes at an average of 25kph. It’s a nice climb from the Cockermouth side, Alpine type gradients apart from one 400m section of 15% S-Bends with holes all over them. The stuff the lakes is famed for!

Over the top and my day of near misses started. Theres a viewing point across Bass lake and Skiddaw halfway down. So here comes I at 45kph out of a corner, with nothing behind me when some dolt decides thats the perfect time to pull out. Arse goes back, brakes go on, back wheel steps out, just about stay up… New Shorts Please!

I’m not the worlds best descender, hell I’ve been dropped from a bunch going downhill before now, but incidents like that really knock my confidence even further. So the rest of Whinlatter was painful after that.

Over Catbells next and two vans come round a blind bend, in convoy, at 40mph in the middle of the road. Swift foot out of pedal job. Getting over the top some tourists wander like sheep into my path and scowl at me for daring to go anywhere near them. Descent there was nice… Quiet road, for a change and, although I was a little heavy on the brakes, I rather enjoyed it.

Turning back to ride up Borrowdale to Keswick and the icy wind hit me.. Now this was why the first hour was such a breeze! I wasn’t quite grinding but it was certainly enough to annoy. Fortunately, I reach for music at moments like this… below is a selection of the tunes that I recall listening to today

1. The Hold Steady- Two Handed Handshake
2. Billy Bragg- The Short Answer
3. Afghan Whigs- John The Baptist
4. Rocket From The Crypt- Shy Boy
5. Mogwai- Teriffic Speech

Also, the Slipstream kit I bought last October and debuted outside today has an MP3 pocket in the back (Gore to keep the sweat off!) and a headphone hole just above it. Design genius.

Anyway… Round the back of Bassenthwaite to finish off whereby a bus driver in an effort to avoid some pedestrians drove his bus right at me. Other than that and the headwind I felt pretty good though, big ring and still spinning well up past Dodd wood so that augers well.

Even on the way through Cockermouth a child sprinted in front of me prompting me to remind him that were I driving a car… he’d be dead. That Slipstream kit is hardly subtle, how the hell do these people keep missing me?

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