Twitter Ye Not!

Back to thinking about training today. I stress “Thinking” as today is a rest day, which I am most grateful for after yesterdays exertions. Essentially, I’m back to counting calories today(how many in a piece of malteaser cake?). I’ve also fitted the “Sportif Cassette” to my race wheels. It must be serious.

Today I’m pondering on the many lessons I’ve learned in the 2 short weeks since I set this blog up to finally give the world a window on my cycling (I know, finally, you wanted it you got it etc etc). Here are just some.

1) Traffic for blogs is a lot lighter than I thought. And I don’t know whether it’s touching or depressing that out of the billion or so internet users out there, I consider I’ve done well if 40 take the time to read what I write.

2) People are much more reluctant to leave comments and engage than I thought, although maybe thats the writing more than anything. My thanks to all those who’ve given feedback though.

3) Whilst the good folk of the bike radar forums keep the clicks coming in, I got 150 in 2 hours after shamelessly plugging the blog on a Guardian comment piece about cycling nutrition. National newspaper websites= clicks beyond your wildest dreams.

4) And this follows on from 3). No plug is too shameless.

5) You guys seem to like the race write ups more than anything else and I always give em what they want!

As part of this pondering I’ve been wondering about Twitter. Now, Twitter has always seemed the worlds most pointless thing to me. More pointless than facebook. More pointless than myspace. More pointless than any number of social network tools. But to give the blog a “live” feel, it could be interesting. Imagine if I could update the site from thetop of the Tourmalet in June…

With this in mind i’ve set up an account and I’ll see how we go, whether anyone reads it, whether I can be bothered updating it and so on. If we get nothing out of it other than todays title, it will have been a fun experiment! As ever let me know your thoughts.