Washing Machine Repair and Cappuchino

I hate rest days, they make me feel like the laziest fattest man alive. I especially hate them when they coincide with a day off work, this gives me the paranoid notion that I can actually feel my fitness slipping away.

So with this in mind, I need to keep busy, and I need to feel like I’m achieving something bike-wise! Step one yesterday was to do some more sorting out in the garage. Having just moved into our new house, it’s full of what my other half won’t thank me for calling ‘junk’. It’s also the space I’ve been promised for all my bike gear, so I set up the workstand, hung up my retro jerseys (she’s thrilled to get them out of the house!) And hammered some nails into the wall to hang wheels from.

Next up was dismantling and cleaning my chainset. My first ultra-torque chainset perished due to lack of care and, given the winter we’ve had, I’m determined not to make the same mistake on my new bike. Now, I am not only the CDNW 3/4 leagues premier Jackie Durand impersonator, I’m also a mechanical dunce. However, the acquisition of a work-stand has made life easier and this ended up being a 45 minute task in the sun. Much rework and cursing were still required though (I find swearing at inanimate objects to be vital to the process).

This done, I retired to wait for a washing machine repair man who never arrived, passing the time by watching 2 hours of John Hurt as Caligula in “I, Claudius”. Is it me or is he chanelling Kenneth Williams in “Carry On Cleo”? Then i gave up and went for a coffee.

Let me know how you guys pass the tedium of rest days.